How To Plan a Fun-Filled Bridal Shower

Weddings as we all know have evolved over the years. Going back a 100 years, weddings were drastically different than they are now. Bridal showers have also become a lot more than just a time to share gifts with the bride-to-be. While that may be the fundamental reason for bridal showers, hence the name, the essence is more than just ‘showering’ the bride with gifts. A bridal shower today has become a fun-filled, light-hearted, occasion, where the bride-to-be, with her girl-power team, share unforgettable moments. A bridal shower can be anything the bride-to-be or her bridesmaids want it to be. The key to planning a great fun-filled bridal shower is to incorporate a lot of FUN into it.

From the drinks, to the dress-up, to the games, to the desserts, every part of it has to ooze good vibes only. With that being said, let’s get right into planning. Here are some very important things you need to keep in mind when planning a fun filled bridal shower.

Get a theme

A theme is always necessary in this case. Themes have a way of bringing a unique feel to any event. The theme should mirror the bride-to-be’s unique personality. The theme can be literally anything you want it to be. It can be fairy tale themed, or a slumber party, or even a tea party. It all depends on you, the planner, and how you decide to bring it all to life.

The theme would also determine the decorations, and the dress code of the party. A theme really just brings everything together.

Invitation List and Budget

Creating an invite list shouldn’t be a lot of stress, right? Well, sure, but there’s also a few things to consider. For example, is it a bridal shower for just the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids, or can any notable women in the bride-to-be’s life be invited as well, eg, her mother? Knowing what the shower should look like would go a long way to determine who to invite.

It’s also very important to know what the bride wants. Some brides-to-be don’t like a crowd; they prefer that inner circle type of gathering. While some other brides-to-be love it loud and full. Knowing exactly what the bride-to-be prefers would determine who and who not to invite.

The invite list also determines the budget. How many women are you planning for? How much food would there be? And how much are you willing to spare to make it all happen, without having to break the bank? Decisions, decisions…

Set the location

Girl! You really cannot slack with this. Turn on your searchlights and look for those neat and trendy, yet affordable locations in town. Ask questions if you have to, and do all the research necessary. However, you mustn’t go that route.

The bridal shower can be at a free location as well; perhaps on the roof of a building, with a lovely view; or maybe in a little garden or even at the beach, heck it could even be in a simple bedroom, if you can pull it off. The key thing is to pick a venue that’ll house everyone, and equally give space for a little letting down of the hair. Decorations in tandem with the theme of the party will do a lot to set the mood for the event.

Set a date

This can be done a few weeks before the wedding. Be sure to choose a day that will be convenient for everybody to gather. You can go the extra mile of discussing with everyone on the invite list and settling on a date in which the majority will be available. A weekend date is usually preferable, that way nobody has the excuse of working late hours, or being overly busy.Also letting the guests know about the shower a few weeks or so before time would give them enough time to plan the proper gift to bring to the event.

Food and Games

This is where the real fun of the shower happens. You can never go wrong with food, so whatever you decide to go for, whether it’s a buffet or just a meal served on the menu at the location, don’t forget the desserts! Yes, desserts! Who doesn’t love desserts?

Drinks are also a very important part of showers. You can have soft drinks, light booze, and a healthy option like some fruit juice. Cocktails have also been known to do trick. This part of the party is very much left to your discretion.

For games, there’s a long list of fun games that you can play that’ll bring a lot of laughter and fun to the party. Games like never have I ever, scavenger hunt, or a little bride and groom trivia. Fun story time sessions also help liven things up. The key is to get everyone comfortable and talking. That way everyone participates and brings life to the party.

Now that you have all these tips, the ultimate goal is to make sure everyone has a great time, including yourself. A bride’s wedding day shouldn’t be the only fairy tale experience she gets to have. Her bridal shower, her fitting, her rehearsal dinner, all of these special moments leading up to the D-day should make her feel like the center of her universe, because that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. So go ahead and make it count!


The WedDresser Team.

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