A Post Covid-19 Wedding: How WedDresser can help!

The wedding industry has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. These times have been difficult for almost everyone, but we’re all trying to find the silver lining one way or another. Covid 19 hit us hard, but it can’t stop us from pushing for a better future.

 At WedDresser, our most important goal is to help you bring your dream wedding to life. The current uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped us from doing that. We know so many of you are being faced with tough choices, seeing months of planning turned upside down. WedDresser is here to help you keep the show going, no matter where you are.

Whether your wedding falls on a much later date already, or you’re choosing to postpone, or even perhaps to celebrate in a different way, there’s a lot to think about when planning your big day. If you’re just starting to dive into planning, it’s natural to have a million “what if” questions about the future. While all of this is uncertain, we hope this news won’t cripple you or take away the excitement that comes with wedding planning. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, and while the landscape of the world might look different right now, your loved ones are going to be very excited to celebrate with you when your wedding comes. So consider the points below as you continue to plan in the wake of coronavirus. 

A few Wedding Planning Tips

Start Planning Now

If you’re set on getting married in 2021 you’ll definitely need to move fast! There’s competition from 2020 couples who are postponing, so it’s certain that dates and venues will start to go quickly. If you’ve already set a date for 2020, you should most likely have a few things in place, like your vendor lists and venues. Communication is key in ensuring that everything is going on as planned. Don’t lose touch with your vendors. Stay on top of things.

Hire Your Vendor Team if You Haven’t

Start looking for vendors for your wedding. Our efficient bridal consultants can also help you with that, especially if you stay within Accra. We have a list of a few vendors that will be glad to provide the best services for your wedding. Contact us for more information on that.

Don’t do it alone

 If you’re looking to hire a professional wedding planner, do it as soon as possible. Like we said, it’s important that you start to plan and get things underway as quickly as possible. Let someone do the heavy lifting you. However, if that’s not the route you want to take, and you want to plan the wedding by yourself, we recommend you get as much help with it as you’d need. Talk to already married couples who planned their own weddings, as well as family members and friends. Here at WedDresser, your wedding needs are our biggest concern, and as such we’d also love to help with any questions you might have. Don’t let the work load weigh down on you, you’re not alone.

Stay inspired

It’s easy to get lost thinking about all the negatives surrounding the current situation, so it’s important that you don’t let any of it kill your excitement. Follow uplifting and inspirational pages on Instagram. Also check out our Instagram page for bridal inspirations. Let the stories and images of other people’s happily ever after motivate you not to give up on the dream of having your own. The truth is, you’d definitely get married, and it’ll be exactly as beautiful as you’ve always imagined.

Start Planning for Your Dress Now

Our online store has been designed to give you as many options as possible. Such as:

Create your very own wedding dress

You can have the wedding gown of your dreams custom made. If you have a mental image already of how exactly you want your wedding gown to look, just let us know, and we’ll schedule a virtual meeting with you. After we’ve established all the specifics, we’ll present you with your dream wedding dress, ready to try on, exactly 3 months after your appointment.

Shop from our store

Online shopping on our website is very safe! We have a wide variety of gowns you can choose from. Once you’ve picked out the gown you love the most, we’ll schedule a virtual appointment with you where we’ll talk over a few minor details, and also get acquainted with you. Your dress can also be touched up to suit your taste and size requirements. We’re also always available to help you with any wedding dress questions you have. Check out our FAQ page to know if we’ve answered a few of your questions already.

When this is all over, that is, the COVID-19 pandemic, weddings will continue to be a moment of true love, connection, and happiness. And that will never stop being our mission – to bring your dream day to life, with as few hitches as possible. For now, we’re here for you. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have across all our social media platforms. We also encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you might have, or simply to tell your story to uplift other brides looking for inspiration. 

With love,

The WedDresser Team.

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