A Simple Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Imagine looking through your wedding pictures and instead of excitement and joy, there’s a scowl on your face because you wore uncomfortable shoes! Well, we don’t want that to be you. Picking wedding shoes is tricky but we’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 very important things to remember when choosing your perfect pair of wedding shoes.

1) Your Feet

Get a pedicure, preferably a day or two before your wedding. Your feet need the tender loving care they deserve to carry you the whole of your wedding day. Soft and well-oiled feet are less likely to develop calluses and blisters when put in the right shoes. Your feet already know what they’re used to, so stick with what your feet are comfortable in. A size too big or too small wouldn’t be ideal. Also, choose a length of heel you can walk in perfectly. Get the perfect and try wearing them a few times before the wedding so you can get used to them. Your shoes also need a good amount of padding and wiggle room so that your feet can breathe.

2) Your Dress

Your dress will be the centre of attention on that day but if your shoes don’t match, your look is pretty much ruined. The colour and length of your dress are important factors to consider when deciding the colour and type of your shoes. If you’re going for a long ankle length dress, don’t wear heels too thin or too long so that you don’t trip or wear holes into your dress. A dress above your ankle would pair well with pointed or peep-toed shoes. It’s also advised to take a piece of fabric similar to that of your wedding dress and run the piece of fabric over the shoe and see if it catches. Try a lot of different options till you find the perfect one. The style of your dress would also determine the style of your shoes. Say you’re going for a vintage dress, you’d probably need to source for vintage shoes as well. Take every detail into consideration.

3) Your Venue

Whether it’s a beach, a garden or a church, your shoes have to be up for the challenge of standing and walking for a long time. If your wedding venue is on the beach then stiletto heels would not work well because they’ll sink into the sand which could cause you to lose your stability. For a grassy venue, perhaps a garden, the proper type of heels should be considered, say kitten heels or 3-inch heels that won’t sink too deep into the ground would be ideal or use heel protectors! If your venue has stairs, practice walking up and down them before the day so that you get used to them to avoid mishaps. Practice prevents you from tripping!

4) Your Colour Scheme

Your shoes don’t have to be white. If you would like to add a touch of colour to brighten up your bridal look, incorporate a new colour with your shoes. You can choose a colour that matches your flowers or bridesmaids dresses, or even select a colour which matches your wedding colour scheme. Metallic colours like gold, silver, rose gold and copper have great visual effect when contrasted against white, and also provide a very elegant and glamorous element to your outfit.

5) Your Budget

You have so many different options to choose from and at the same time so many different price tags to avoid. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your shoes to have the perfect look. How much can your budget allow and what matters most to you? Be honest with yourself about what you can afford. Often times, the price tag reflects the quality of a product but that’s not always the case. Be open to a lot of different options and try out different stores for sales and discounts. You’ll most definitely find exactly what you’re looking for.

Remember, beauty is 90% confidence. Be confident in your choices and comfortable in whatever you decide to wear. Walk with the grace and elegance that comes from knowing that nothing can possibly go wrong. And nothing will!

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